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Frequently Asked Questions 

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How do I start using Kyupid? 

Send an invite to your partner's email address through the app. Once they accept your invite, both of you will have access to your shared workspace and kyupons.  

How does the shared workspace function?

Once connected, you and your partner can access the shopping list, task list, events calendar, routines list and notes. Any changes you make in the workspace are instantly reflected on your partner's device as long as you are connected to the internet.

Can I invite more than one partner?

Currently, Kyupid only supports having a single partner on the app. You can always create multiple accounts for different partners. 

Login/ Sign Up

Do you have an option for email/password sign up?

Currently, you can only signup for Kyupid using the Sign In with Apple and Google Sign-In methods. This is done to keeping access secure and simple. 

How do I reset/ change my password?

Kyupid does not have access to your password. Check with your email provider (Apple or Google) on changing account credentials. 

I have hidden my email address using Sign In with Apple. How does my partner invite me? 

Your partner will have to use the alias email id provided by Apple. 

How do I delete my account? 

You can find the Delete Account option under the Account tab in the Preferences Page. Once your account is deleted, you are automatically unlinked from your partner and all profile data is irrecoverably erased. 


How do Kyupons work?

When you create a kyupon for your partner, you have the option to assign a kyu value to it. Your partner will need to complete tasks to gain the required kyu to redeem the kyupon. 

What is Kyu?

Kyu is a reward for completing tasks created by your partner. When you create a task, you can assign an optional kyu value between 1 and 10. If your partner marks the task as complete, they earn the kyu which can then be used for redeeming kyupons. 

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