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You. Your Partner.

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Screenshot displaying Vertically Scrolling Events List
Screenshot displaying Kyupon Store
Purple Kyupid overwhelmed with dirty dishes, groceries and cleaning while Orange Kyupid relaxes

Organise your lives

Share tasks, shopping list items, events and routines with your partner. Reward them with a kyupon for completing tasks. 

Jot down your thoughts

Kyupid lets you update, view and interact with your thoughts in a private notepad shared between you and your partner.

Kyupid displaying a blank note and pen for stuff to write down
Purple Kyupid massaging Orange Kyupid

Show some affection

Gift your partner beautifully illustrated kyupons for something naughty or nice which can then be redeemed at any time for kyu points earned by completing tasks. 

Spoil each other!

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